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ThursdayTips & New Juice!

K so for some godforsaken reason everyone thinks theirs in the best.  It’s like this mass inflation of multiple egos all at once into one gigantic bursting bubble.  Someone please let those with crappy juice know the truth!!  As I patiently await my delivery of the exquisite nectar called Lunar Harvest tomorrow, I am thinking of the Zephyr, which was mine and was purchased by a customer half empty…. the stuff is good.  Should your tongue become unable to taste, it’s because the juice you use is a waste…. and you have vape tonque!  This juice has different flavors than the majority of the others I have tried.  On top of that, it actually tastes good instead of like some kind of cherry topped dessert, it actually has some sophistication and refinement.  Nothing wrong with a sweet desert here and there, but a little change-up is in order from time to time.  They carry nine great flavors and I can’t wait to get my grubby lil paws on them.  Not enough to make me “slap my granny”, but maybe some others….

So, I really don’t have any amazing drip tips to share in this particular post, but I am looking for some custom designed tips.. calling all skilled artists; need a hook up and I prefer out of the ordinary.

Independence Day

Its the 4th and I’m sitting at the Vapor Icing Café reminiscing on my past 3 weeks of owning a vape store. I am also waiting on my battery to charge….. It’s hot out and I am getting ready for a busy day. Bring on the love!!! I feel proud to be an American and without giving away my age, carry a bicentennial birth certificate. Don’t forget the real reason for the season and be happy we are all independent Americans. Let’s not forget…

The Skinny on Juice (E-Liquid)

I have a lot of pull as to what juices are in my shop.  Why?  Because its my shop!  I have already done a lot of research into different juices from those that make it in their garage to those that own a sterile lab with a 610 ISO Rating.  While juice may taste good, it also needs to be as safe as possible.  My mother vapes this stuff, by god!  That said, I don’t care how good your stuff tastes if you don’t put it together right.  Also, hint, hint.. the stuffs about to be regulated.  I say good.  Get rid of the crap that is giving vaping a bad name.  When you make crappy juice with artificial flavors you are putting a decent and workable solution to get people away from the 4000+ carcinogens in cigarettes at risk and misrepresenting an entire  industry.  And while we are at it, let’s not allow what was permitted with cigarettes to happen again.  Why was it ever allowed?  I don’t know.  Those that are scared are the ones that aren’t doing it right to start with.

Getting Started

First off, I am not a feminist and I am not biased.  Its a personal goal of mine to remain with an open heart.  I understand we all have our faults and there needs to be some room for humanity.  Point is, even though my blog is called Raleigh Women Vape it’s really for everyone!